Woozworld Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Woozworld Login:


Accessing your Woozworld Login:
1. You must first type or copy & paste the following link into your browser address bar.  You can also click this link directly: http://www.woozworld.com/?popup=autologin
2. When the login pop up appears in the middle of your screen, type the email address you used to create your Woozworld account into the blue text box next to "Email".
3. Then you will type in the password you set up into the blue text box next to "Password".
4. Finally, you will click the green "Play" button at the bottom of the pop up box in order to complete the login process.  This will launch you into all the wonders of Woozworld.


It's Not Letting Me Login...What Now? Just Reset Your Login Info:
1. If you forgot your password, simply click the blue "Forgot your password?" link directly under the right end of the the Password text box.
2. The pop up will flash into a "Forgot Password" pop up box.  Type your email address into the blue text box under "Enter your e-mail" then press the dark blue "Send" button.
3. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.  Just follow the instructions in your email.
4. For those of you that used to sign into Woozworld with your Facebook account, that option is no longer available. You will have to go through steps 1 through 3 to have another password set up for you. 


Still Not Able to Log In Or You Are Having Other Woozworld Problems that We Haven't Covered? No Biggie. Contact Woozworld Directly:

Woozworld Help


Woozworld Technical Support

Woozworld Complaints


Corporate Headquarters
Woozworld Inc.
25 Mozart Est, 3rd floor
Montreal QC H2S 1B1
Phone: 514 281-8999
Fax: 514 281-5557

Customer support:


As websites go through upgrades, changes, and various technical difficulties, their login procedures also are subject to change.  We urge you to bookmark this Woozworld Login article so you can have the most recent login instructions as we update this page.  Happy Woozing!